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National Joint Committee for the Communication Needs of Persons With Severe Disabilities (NJC)

© 2019 Montana Speech - Language - Hearing Association (MSHA)

If you would like to join a committee or the board, please contact the current MSHA President Emily Stafslien @

Ad-Hoc Committees:  

Sally Klatt

Fall Convention:
Emily Stafslien

Carol Morse

Advisory Council:
Crystal Dvorak

Jessica Reynolds

Community Outreach:
Leah Jacobsen

Jennifer Closson

Social Media:

Rachel Stansberry 

Madison Larson

Public Relations:
Kitty Griffin

Student Coordinator:
Amy Glaspey

Shelby Midboe


Shannon Roybal



Committee Duties:

Convention: To plan a program for the annual Fall Convention.

Political Action Committee: To study and evaluate all regulations, legislation, and recommendations which might affect the speech and hearing profession or program and to help prepare and support such regulations and recommendations as will be beneficial to the profession; secure the services of a lobbyist with Board approval and act as liaison between the lobbyist and the Board of Directors.

Membership and Publications Committee: In conjunction with Administrative Assistant, process all applications for membership and exercise general supervision over matters related to membership, subject to reversal if necessary by majority vote of the Executive Committee;  compile, edit and distribute the MSHA Communicator and MSHA Directory and other assigned official publications, in conjunction with Administrative Assistant.

Honors Committee: To receive and review recommendations for and to select persons to receive the honors of the Association; confer MSHA Awards to recipients at MSHA Annual Business luncheon.

Continuing Education Committee: To administer MSHA’s sponsorship of continuing education programs in conjunction with Administrative Assistant.

Ethical Practices Committee:  To present future amendments to the Code of Ethics to membership for majority approval by written ballot; process alleged violations of the Code of Ethics according to the Ethical Practice Committee Statement of Practices and Procedures; publish the Code of Ethics along with procedures for processing alleged violations in the Directory of Montana Speech Pathologists and Audiologists.

Public Relations Committee: To raise public awareness of the profession by promoting speech/language pathologists as the field experts in the areas of communication disorders; develop and disseminate information about communication problems to the public and other professional organizations through activities such as Better Speech and Hearing Month, professional brochures, etc.

Nominations Committee: To solicit nominations from the membership for each available MSHA office and each expiring Board membership.

Licensure Committee: To serve as liaison between the Speech Language Pathology and Audiology licensure board and membership of the Association.

Advisory Council: The Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Councils are charged with identifying and discussing issues of concern to ASHA members. They provide information on these issues to the Board of Directors (BOD) and recommendations for the BOD's consideration in determining possible future programs and services to be developed and/or supported by the Association's resources. Members are subscribed to Advisory Council Web-based discussion forums and group email lists to assist them in fulfilling their charge. 

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