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Updated: Apr 7

MSHA is trying to stay up on all the changes occurring. If you didn't see our newsletter, click on the link above to learn more about COVID-19 and Telepractice. More updates have come out on ASHA since this was posted.

Many of you are feeling overwhelmed. Take a deep breath. Maybe 6 more. Now be patient with yourself and others as many are all trying to figure out how we will make it work.

FYI: ASHA's website has incorrect information about MT Telepractice Requirements. You DO NOT need 4 hours of continuing education. Go to for our current Telepractice Requirements!

Free courses on Telepractice are being offered through many websites and companies. MSHA is not affiliated with any of these, but we do want to share possible CEU opportunities at this unprecedented time.


Teletherapy Bootcamp

Teletherapy Webinar Series

We are looking to host a webinar on Telepractice and/or a Q&A for SLPs and AUDs in MT in the coming weeks. As always, reach out and we will try to get you in contact with someone who can answer your questions!

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