2020: Our MSHA Vision

2020 is upon us and MSHA is running full speed ahead with fulfilling our mission to provide and promote education, networking and advocacy for professionals and the public with quality and compassion.

In review of 2019:

Policy: MSHA was actively involved with the 2019 Legislature and Licensure Board. Our lobbyist, Abigail St. Lawrence, is working with us on current issues in our state with other organizations and maintaining relationships that will help us in the Legislative 2021 year.

Membership: MSHA continues to grow and prioritizes member engagement. We are hearing from many of our members regarding educational opportunities, aides, and much more. We are here for your concerns and needs!

Continuing Education: MSHA held 5 well attended webinars and a 2-day conference in Billings this past fall!

PR & Marketing: MSHA keeps making our brand known! We launched a new MSHA website! It is always a work in progress but we are trying to get our mission out to our MT SLPs and AUDs and the public!

SLPA Licensure: Even though our bill was defeated, we became a recognized, credible entity with other state organizations, lobbyists and legislators. We will be successful in 2021!

Finances: To create a long term sustainable organization, we initiated new revenue sources with 1) advertising on our website, 2) increase CEU prices for non-MSHA conferences, 3) increased sponsorship for conference, 4) increased dues by $10.

Looking forward in 2020:

As the 2020 President, I am excited to continue my own personal growth in leadership and volunteerism with MSHA. I am lucky to have support and guidance from previous MSHA presidents as well as the current board and SLPs and AUDs across the state. MSHA is a POWERFUL Community. You will find personal as well as professional value of becoming a member of MSHA.

January is the time when the new MSHA Board takes on its role for the next calendar year. Our new 2020 Board is set to meet in the next few weeks about our yearly and future plans. Check out our website to read more about the board members!

MSHA Fall Convention will be in Missoula October 15-16, 2020 at the Holiday Inn Downtown.


Thank you to the 2019 MSHA Board! Kathleen DeLapp-Cohen was our 2019 President and did a fantastic job for our organization! A huge THANK YOU is given to her commitment, leadership, and advocacy! Also, a thank you is needed for Lezlie Pearce Hopper, who was our Immediate Past-President. She spear-headed working on the MSHA Foundation as well as spending her time and effort on the SLPA Bill.

As always, BECOME a MSHA Member. Your membership allows us to have a powerful voice for YOU at the state and national level!

Cheers to 2020!

Emily Stafslien, MS/CCC-SLP

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