Re-watch MSHA Webinar COVID-19:Welcome to Telepractice

We had such a great turn out with up to 100 participants last night for the webinar "COVID-19: Welcome to Telepractice." A huge thank you to our presenters:

• Shanna Stack, CCC-SLP, Moving Mountains Therapy Center 

• Lucy Richards, Executive Officer, Board of Speech- Language Pathologists and Audiologists 

• Kitty Griffin, CCC-SLP, State of the Heart Therapy 

• Alison Arthun, CFY-SLP, Rock Creek Teletherapy 

• Shelby Midboe, CCC-SLP, Target Range School District

We are offering the replay for a week (4/6/2020). You can request using this form: Post-event viewing request for COVID-19: Welcome to Teletherapy. You will receive a YouTube link to see the event!

It may take a day to gain permission, but MSHA member or non-MSHA member is able to watch!

As always, we are here to provide opportunities for continuing education and up-to-date information on COVID-19 and its affect on MT SLPs and AUDs as well as many other state and federal level happenings!

Join MSHA today!

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