Resource Tele-a-Palooza

As COVID 19 persists, ASHA, bloggers, companies and many more have been pumping out resources for tele-therapy, home programming, and carryover! I find I get overwhelmed at times, but there is so much ingenuity coming out of this situation! Here is a review of what has been helpful for me as I transitioned to tele-therapy service delivery.


AAC in Telepractice by Rachel Madel : This webinar was AWESOME! She provides a great coaching model for AAC at home.

PRC and Saltillo are offering free classes for implementation, products, and caregivers! I shared the top 3 classes I'd like my classroom teachers and their aides to watch to carryover LAMP Words for Life!

TeleCon is offering replays of their courses and more based on needs that came up from their presentations!

ASHA has pre-recorded Virtual Town Halls for Schools and Health Care. There was good discussion on these!

ALSO: ASHA Learning Pass! I am so inundated with information I haven't had a chance to complete any of these! Does anyone have any recommendations!


ASHA: PDF Download of a Checklist for School Based SLPs to get started in Telepractice.

I will try to round up some of the other resources that I have found useful! If you find something that you'd like to share, please pass on to your co-workers!

-Emily Stafslien, MS/CCC-SLP

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